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Waterproof Rain Pants

Continually expanding the collection with new styles, RAINS offers timeless and functional rainwear for fashion conscious consumers. Explore the selection of waterproof pants from RAINS.

Suit up in a pair of waterproof pants

Once in a while it can be necessary to take a break from all kinds of demands, responsibilities and daily routines. If not for days then just for a few hours. And it doesn’t mean, that you have to travel to faraway places. Most of us have some kind of fascinating nature just outside our front door. Nature can be the perfect environment for clearing one’s thoughts. However, the sun is not always shining from a clear blue sky and when the rain falls, it can be less tempting to go outside. Yet, rainy weather does not have to be an obstacle. Suit up in a pair of waterproof pants and a stylish yet functional rain jacket and explore nature without getting soaking wet.

Functional and contemporary rain pants

RAINS is best known for designing contemporary and functional raincoats, bags and backpacks with simplistic details. However, waterproof pants is yet another piece of outerwear in the collection of water-resistant equipment. Just like all raincoats and jackets, RAINS’ pants are crafted from a lightweight, durable polyester fabric with a matte finish. By using this material, RAINS ensures that all pants are highly comfortable as well as water-resistant. Crafted with spacious zipped pockets, adjustable cords and air-vents to ensure ventilation, RAINS’ waterproof pants are practical in any given situation. The pants are made to be worn by both men and women and are available in three different colours; black, blue and red. Wanting to stay fully protected in rainy weather? Explore RAINS selection of rain pants.


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