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Wallets & Cardholders

Rains has expanded its vision not only to clothing items, but also to a great number of different wallets styles. Our goal is to strike a perfect balance between a proper, highly functional wallet and fashionable design.

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Rains wallets: The perfect blend of Scandinavian design and functionality

Rains is a contemporary rainwear lifestyle brand creating waterproof designs for people across the globe. Our Scandinavian heritage is reflected in an uncompromising approach to simplicity that is as equally rooted in functionality as it is in relevance. Our mission is to mix function with fashion and come up with the best possible product and set the Rains’ mission dedicated to developing and manufacturing modern and practical wallets.

Novel and wallets are a part of the Rains essentials. Discover the extensive selection of water-resistant wallets designed to serve any lifestyle and occasion. A multitude of designs, colors and useful features guarantee to meet all of your highest expectations. Rains wallets are not only crafted to serve you in any situation, but also to be rather pleasing to the eye with nothing to add or take away.

Explore the world of the Rains wallets

Besides making sure your cash and cards stay safe and dry in the roughest of conditions, Rains will do so in style, keeping up the pace with the latest and greatest from the fashion world, while at the same time remaining faithful to the simple, clear-cut and timeless Scandinavian design. On this page you will find all our latest types of wallets.

Depending on your preference you can choose from several different variations of wallets such as card, passport or coin holders. You will surely match a wallet with your outfit or our rainwear and find one to reflect your needs and lifestyle.


Wallet features four card slots, four cash pockets, as well as an internal zip-up compartment for loose change. This wallet is made from Rains’ signature waterproof fabric and completed with a zip closure and an embossed Rains logo.

Small wallet

On the other hand, Small Wallet features three card slots and a buttoned compartment for loose change. Crafted from Rains’ signature matte fabric, this classic zipped wallet is completed with embossed Rains logos as well.

Zip Wallet

Zip Wallet is a unisex Rains item featuring three outer card slots, an external slot for receipts and a middle pocket with zipper closure for cash and coins. It is made from Rains’ signature waterproof fabric with an embossed Rains logo.

Folded Wallet

Rains’ Folded Wallet is an eight-card wallet that also features two large partitions for cash and receipts and a snap-button coin pouch. Folded Wallet is crafted from Rains’ signature waterproof fabric.

Velcro Wallet

Rains Velcro Wallet features a bi-fold body with a Velcro closure. The shell is constructed with Rains’ signature waterproof fabric and polyester binding. Velcro Wallet features two card slots, a cash partition, a smaller receipt partition and a zipped pocket.

Card holder

Card Holder is a unisex Rains item featuring four outer card slots and a middle card slot. Functional yet contemporary, it is made from Rains’ signature waterproof fabric in a matte finish, adding a modern appearance to the item.

Passport Holder

Rains Passport Holder is crafted from Rains’ signature waterproof fabric. 12 card slots and a passport slot are featured in the interior. An embossed logo finishes the exterior of Rains Passport Holder.

A waterproof wallet - a bulletproof idea

Having a waterproof wallet is not something many people think about, but there are a lot of situations where you wish you had one.

While travelling or enjoying a seaside vacation, you want your cash, cards and passport to be safe and protected. Losing your money or any form of ID as well as damaging it can be very stressful and spoil your time off. For that not to happen, Rains has come up with an amazing offer of various types of wallets to keep all your valuable possessions nice and dry.

If it so happens that you or your kids accidentally spill some drinks on the wallet or you drop it in the pool, rest assured that the contents will remain dry. You might also decide to spend a fun day at the beach. That is great and you should enjoy it! Keep your cards, cash and IDs safe and dry, and have one less thing to worry about. If, by any chance, you get your wallet wet, do not sweat it. Being caught by a sudden summer shower or your dog gnawing on your Rains wallet will not get nowhere near what is inside.

Stay dry with Rains’ rainwear

You would be thrilled to hear that everyone benefits from Rains. Signature to this promise, it is a lightweight, yet strong polyester fabric backed with a flexible, fluorinate-free polyurethane coating. It ensures water repellency and a long lifetime. The rubber material has high durability, and with its built-in insulative quality it also has windproof abilities.

The polyester and the PU represent a strong construction that both keeps the fit and keeps you dry. The benefit of polyester is that the synthetic material is completely recyclable. Nylon is a strong synthetic material and acts as the thermal lining in our high-performance outerwear line. Like polyester, nylon is highly recyclable. In line with our animal friendly product pledge, an innovative and high-tech featherless material is replacing natural down in our Thermal puffer jackets. The featherless and loose-fill insulation designed by scientists’ mimics down when dry and is warmer than down when wet. With our ban on natural down and feather, we are promoting animal welfare and a cruelty-free industry.

Get Express delivery and 2 years of warranty on all products

When you finish choosing your perfect Rains outfit, you can start to feel excited as your order will be at your doorstep in no time. We run express delivery around the clock, boasting a 30-day return policy and a 2-year product warranty. We also offer the opportunity to return our products ordered from You may get a full refund or exchange your item for a different size or color. You have 30 days from the day of receipt to return any unused items. Stay safe and shop with Rains!