Waterproof Blankets

Explore waterproof blankets from Rains. The versatile designs are prefect for outdoor dining, and beach trips, and make great festival blankets. Blanket features warm quilted fabric on one side, and signature waterproof fabric on the reverse.

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Rains Trail Blanket Travel Accessories 01 BlackRains Trail Blanket Travel Accessories 01 Black
Rains Trail Blanket Travel Accessories 45 AshRains Trail Blanket Travel Accessories 45 Ash

A blanket where archetypes melt into new functionality

As a reimagination of our trusted, quilted outerwear, the waterproof blanket is a comfortable yet practical accessory. The protective, waterproof layer will keep you dry, while the quilted and padded layer will keep you warm and comfortable. Here, the webbing strap system adds to the convenience of the blanket, making it ideal for carrying around throughout the day, season after season, and year after year.

Fit the waterproof blanket to your wardrobe

Gear from Rains is a true staple in any wardrobe, and the same goes for our waterproof blanket - you will never go wrong with a waterproof blanket from Rains. As for our clothing and accessories, the blanket also comes in a variety of colors. This way, you can either style the color of your blanket with the rest of your gear from Rains or use it as a contrasting accessory.

The great qualities of Rains unified in one accessory

If you are a fan of the design and functionality of gear from Rains, you will like our waterproof blanket just as much. The blanket is designed in the same way as our quilted outerwear, and this is expressed through its qualities of being both comfortable, warm, and waterproof. This way, you will get a blanket that is easy to carry around, which will protect you from a wet foundation and keep you warm.

Take a look at our waterproof blankets, and give yourself the best conditions for enjoying the outdoors on any given day.


What material are the waterproof blankets from Rains made of?

The waterproof blankets from Rains are made of 100% polyester with a polyurethane coating. One side features quilted and padded polyester, while the reverse is cut from Rain’s signature waterproof fabric.

Is the waterproof blanket from Rains easy to carry around?

The waterproof blanket from Rains is equipped with a webbing strap system for easy carrying when going to the beach or for extended getaways. Here, the pack-carry-store system with adjustable straps and webbing straps makes the waterproof blanket easy to carry around on the shoulder.

What makes blankets from Rains unique?

Blankets from Rains are waterproof, making them the perfect companion for small and big adventures. The webbing strap system and its packability add to the uniqueness of the blanket.

How do I wash a waterproof blanket?

We do not recommend washing your Rains waterproof blanket in a washing machine. Instead, use a damp cloth with water and soap to clean the surfaces.

Does Rains offer a warranty?

All products purchased at Rains are covered by a 2-year warranty and a 30-day return policy. This way, you can return the item within 30 days or make a claim on your Rains product within 2 years if your item is damaged.