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Men's Rain Pants

Drawing inspiration from the Scandinavian design tradition, Rains creates functional and contemporary rain gear made to endure the wet elements. Pair up the men’s rain pants with a stylish rain jacket from Rains.

The men’s rain pants

When a heavy downpour of rain suddenly arrives out of nowhere, it is time to find the waterproof gear. Rainwear is not what it used to be though. Now, rainwear is modern still functional wardrobe essentials crafted to endure the wet elements in a stylish way. Men’s rain pants from Rains are of no exception. Rains’ Trousers style is a unisex rain pant crafted from a lightweight polyester fabric with a polyurethane coating. The waterproof pants for men and women feature spacious pockets, practical air-vents and an adjustable drawstring around the waist for a personal fit. Along with the men’s waterproof pants, Rains offers a broad selection of rain jackets, waterproof bags and accessories. Prepare for the downpours with rain gear from Rains.

Waterproof pants for men

Rains is a Danish rainwear brand based on an ambition to rethink the traditional rubber raincoat in a more contemporary manner. Since Rains was established in 2012, the collection of contemporary rain gear has not stopped expanding. Today, Rains is carrying a full line of waterproof outerwear including men’s rain pants, waterproof jackets and bags all available in different colorways suitable for both everyday activities and more formal events. Combining timeless design, clean lines and functionality, the design department of Rains draws inspiration from the Scandinavian design approach. When it comes to rainproof outerwear, Rains is all about defying wet weather in a stylish and contemporary way. Discover the complete Rains collection consisting of women and men’s rain pants, waterproof jackets and bags online and in-store.

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