Waterproof Laptop Cases & Sleeves

Explore waterproof cases and sleeves for laptops. The collection delivers minimal silhouettes for a range of device sizes. From compact organizers to quilted laptop bags, all constructed from signature waterproof fabrics.

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Rains Trail Laptop Case 15″/16″ Laptop Case 01 BlackRains Trail Laptop Case 15″/16″ Laptop Case 01 Black
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Rains Trail Laptop Case 13″/14″ Laptop Case 01 BlackRains Trail Laptop Case 13″/14″ Laptop Case 01 Black
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Rains Trail Laptop Case 13″/14″ Laptop Case 13 GreyRains Trail Laptop Case 13″/14″ Laptop Case 13 Grey
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Rains Trail Laptop Case 13″/14″ Laptop Case 08 EarthRains Trail Laptop Case 13″/14″ Laptop Case 08 Earth
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Rains Texel Laptop Case 15″/16″ Laptop Case 01 BlackRains Texel Laptop Case 15″/16″ Laptop Case 01 Black
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Rains Texel Laptop Case 13″/14″ Laptop Case 01 BlackRains Texel Laptop Case 13″/14″ Laptop Case 01 Black
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Rains Texel Laptop Case 13″/14″ Laptop Case 03 GreenRains Texel Laptop Case 13″/14″ Laptop Case 03 Green
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Rains Tablet Portfolio Laptop Case 01 BlackRains Tablet Portfolio Laptop Case 01 Black
Rains Laptop Portfolio 13″/14″ Laptop Case 01 BlackRains Laptop Portfolio 13″/14″ Laptop Case 01 Black

Laptop Portfolio 13″/14″

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Rains Laptop Portfolio 13″/14″ Laptop Case 26 DuneRains Laptop Portfolio 13″/14″ Laptop Case 26 Dune

Laptop Portfolio 13″/14″

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Rains Laptop Portfolio 13″/14″ Laptop Case 11 FlintRains Laptop Portfolio 13″/14″ Laptop Case 11 Flint

Laptop Portfolio 13″/14″

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Rains Laptop Case 13″/14″ Tech Accessories 01 BlackRains Laptop Case 13″/14″ Tech Accessories 01 Black

Rains waterproof laptop bags: The perfect blend of Scandinavian design and functionality

Rains is a contemporary rainwear lifestyle brand creating waterproof designs for people across the globe. Our Scandinavian heritage is reflected in an uncompromising approach to simplicity that is as equally rooted in functionality as it is in relevance. Our mission is to mix function with fashion and come up with the best possible product and set the Rains’ mission dedicated to developing and manufacturing modern and practical laptop cases. Novel and waterproof laptop cases are a part of the Rains essentials. Discover the extensive selection of water-resistant cases designed to serve any lifestyle and occasion. A multitude of designs, colors and useful features guarantee to meet all of your highest expectations. Rains waterproof cases are not only crafted to protect your laptops from wet conditions and spillage, but also to be rather pleasing to the eye with nothing to add or take away.

Explore the world of the Rains waterproof sleeves

Besides making sure your favorite gadget stays safe and dry in wet conditions, Rains will do so in style, keeping up the pace with the latest and greatest from the fashion world, while at the same time remaining faithful to the simple, clear-cut and timeless Scandinavian design. On this page you will find all our latest types of waterproof laptop cases. Depending on your preference you can choose from several different variations of waterproof laptop cases ranging from 11” to 15”. Our waterproof laptop cover is thin, stylish, and can be placed on your desk without looking out of place.

Waterproof case for laptops

Laptops are pricey gadgets and when you decide to get one, you want to make sure it stays in the best condition for as long as possible. Rains has designed a practical and stylish laptop case that not only protects your laptop from moisture and potential spillage, but also against damage like scratches. It must have happened to you in the past that you put your laptop together with other stuff such as pens, keys or a water bottle. All of these can cause scratches or even permanently damage your machine.

Forget about frequent cleaning

This can easily be avoided if you get one of our laptop covers which is, unlike bulky laptop bags, slim, easy to carry and water-repellent. An additional benefit that can save you time and money is that the cover prevents dust and lint from entering the chassis. You might end up having to take it apart to clean the inside. In the process something may go sideways so you end up paying for the repair.

Rains waterproof laptop cover sleeve got you covered

Ranging from small compact to the more sizable ones, Rains laptops cases will fit like a glove. High-quality materials and a wide range of colors will help you make your pick. Three main types of cases come in more neutral beige or khaki, over classics such as black, green or blue, and all the way to more daring choices such as holographic black or beige.

Laptop Cover 11″/13″/15″

Rains Laptop Cover is crafted from Rains’ signature lightweight, waterproof fabric and durable padding. Laptop Cover is lined with a microfiber fleece and closed with a durable zipper. Laptop Cover features an outer zip pocket for extra storage.

Laptop Case 11″/13″/15″

Rains Laptop Case is crafted from Rains’ signature waterproof fabric and features a zipper closure. Laptop Case features a padded interior with a microfiber fleece lining.

Laptop Portfolio 12-13″/15″

Rains Laptop Portfolio is crafted from Rains’ signature waterproof fabric and features a top-flap closure with hidden magnetic fastenings. Laptop Portfolio also features a microfiber lining. Laptop Portfolio has been designed with extra room for slightly larger laptops.

Travel light and carefree with Rains water resistant laptop cover

Travelling light is a truly enjoyable experience in case you manage to fit all of your gizmos in the baggage. Even then, you might fear that your devices might get scratched or exposed to the elements. Feel free to go on an adventure in the great outdoors, defying the rough weather conditions. No worries, as the body of polyurethane and polyester will keep the raindrops away. So, sit back and relax on the beach with your MacBook beside you. Grains of sand or an accidental spillage will not do any harm. On the other hand, if you lean toward a more active vacation, hopping on a mountain bike will not change the rules. Safely tucked away in its sleeve, your laptop may join your outdoor adventure. A laptop case fits perfectly together with one of our travel bags.

Stay dry with Rains’ rainwear

You would be thrilled to hear that everyone benefits from Rains. Our product not only keeps you dry and warm but also takes care of the planet with our sustainable materials and innovations. Signature to this promise, it is a lightweight, yet strong polyester fabric backed with a flexible, fluorinate-free polyurethane coating. It ensures water repellency and a long lifetime. The rubber material has high durability, and with its built-in insulative quality it also has windproof abilities. Rains has specifically chosen the PU-coating as it is significantly more environment-friendly than its hormone disrupting alternatives: PVC and DWR-PFC. The polyester and the PU represent a strong construction that both keeps the fit and keeps you dry. The environmental benefit of polyester is that the synthetic material is completely recyclable. Nylon is a strong synthetic material and acts as the thermal lining in our high-performance outerwear line. Like polyester, nylon is highly recyclable. In line with our animal friendly product pledge, an innovative and high-tech featherless material is replacing natural down in our Thermal puffer jackets. The featherless and loose-fill insulation designed by scientists’ mimics down when dry and is warmer than down when wet. With our ban on natural down and feather, we are promoting animal welfare and a cruelty-free industry.

Get Express delivery and 2 years of warranty on all products

When you finish choosing your perfect Rains outfit, you can start to feel excited as your order will be at your doorstep in no time. We run a worldwide express delivery. around the clock, boasting a 30-day return policy and a 2-year product warranty. We also offer the opportunity to return our products ordered from rains.com. You may get a full refund or exchange your item for a different size or color. You have 30 days from the day of receipt to return any unused items. Stay safe and shop with Rains!

How do you measure for a laptop bag?

The size of a laptop case is measured in height, width and depth but also usually comes with a description of what size laptop it can hold. To measure your laptop simply use a ruler or tape measure to figure out the length from the lower left corner of the screen to the top right corner. Laptop measurements are normally expressed in inches. It is important to note that laptop measurements do not include the casing that surrounds the screen or protruding parts such as hinges or ports. Therefore it is usual for laptops to take up more space than stated. This means that a 15.6-inch laptop may require a 17-inch laptop case in order to ensure a snug and secure fit. 

Are RAINS laptop bags checkpoint friendly?

If a bag is “checkpoint friendly”, it means it has been designed to make passing through security in airports more efficient and easy. While RAINS laptop bags are not specifically labeled as “checkpoint friendly”, many of the RAINS laptop bags feature a separate padded laptop department that can easily be accessed and opened during security checks. The RAINS Laptop Backpack and the RAINS Laptop Bag both have laptop compartments located on the back of the bag which allows for easy access. However, it is always recommended to double-check with your airline or the TSA to make sure your laptop bag lives up to their specific regulations.