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Rains offers a broad range of chic and functional rain gear, including minimalist raincoats, waterproof backpacks and unisex rain pants suitable for all kinds of rainy-day activities.

Buy Raincoats from RAINS – What is the fuss all about?

We are extremely honored to have gotten so many happy RAINS members, who are just as excited about our products as we are. If you consider purchasing your first coat at RAINS, we would love to tell you more about our assortment and the brand.

We have an extensive variety of different types and silhouettes of Raincoats; some are unisex while others are more suited for either men or women. Just to mention a few, we have the Fishtail Parka which is the perfect unisex coat for those looking for a little more length and coverage. If you are on the lookout for a more feminine style, our String Overcoat might just be perfect. It is a new take on the well-known trench coat featuring a drawstring at the waist to accentuate curves.

Choose between many colors, going from dark to bright. As a Scandinavian brand we naturally have darker colors, such as dark blue, olive and charcoal, but also many lighter options. Coats in bright yellow or blush are perfect at brightening up even the saddest mood. If you have a hard time deciding, we suggest the shiny options, which come in black and green. A perfect in between option.

The chosen material is really what makes our products stand out. Water resistant and light weight. That is what RAINS is all about.

Mix and Match your raincoat with other RAINS items

With a Coat from RAINS, you can easily mix and match with other products from RAINS. Besides keeping your body nice and dry, your belongings must also be protected. Luckily, we have many different bags that will complement your favorite Long Raincoat and serve as a handy add on if the weather turns gloomy.

For keeping smaller essentials, our Crossbody & Bum Bags are a great choice for keeping your phone, wallet, and keys in safety. At the same time, the smaller bags can elevate your look, making it even more stylish and interesting.

Are you the type of person that always struggles to fit all your necessities? Then we recommend one of our Waterproof Tote Bags. Easy to style and grab when being in a rush. The benefits of a Tote Bag is its versatility, as it is a great option for both grocery shopping and running errands in the city.

In fact, the opportunities are endless when it comes to pairing your preferred Coat with other products. Take a closer look at our website and discover our universe of waterproof gear.

Functional and chic Long Rain coat

When it rains, it often seems most convenient to stay inside until the rain lets up. However, sometimes it is not possible to wait for the downpour to stop. The day has to go on despite of the wet weather. If that is the case, then the only right thing to do is to suit up in a waterproof coat and hit the streets. The Aarhus-based rainwear company Rains makes a broad range of raincoats, including long parka coats and classic rain jackets all with original Rains hardware. Most waterproof coats from Rains are unisex styles and therefore made to be worn by both men and women. All Rains styles are rainy-day essentials thoughtfully composed to keep people dry and stylish at the same time. When the rain strikes, Rains got you covered.

Waterproof coats for men and women

Rains is all about defying rainy weather in a contemporary and chic way. When creating new waterproof styles, Rains strives to combine the need for function with the desire to look fashionable. Since the beginning of Rains in 2012, the Danish rainwear company has been drawing inspiration from the Scandinavian design tradition characterized by simplicity, functionality and durability. Long Raincoats from Rains are crafted from a waterproof fabric with a matte finish and completed with several contemporary and functional features making the styles great for all kinds of urban activities, including the everyday commutes to work or the Sunday strolls. Suiting up in a Long Raincoat is always a good idea when the forecast calls for scattered showers. Explore the Rains collection online and in-store.


What are the best raincoats?
All of RAINS raincoats has water column pressure of 400mm and has a quality of the highest standard. Our most popular raincoats are the Long Jacket, the Longer Jacket and the shorter version, Jacket.

What are RAINS raincoats made of?
Our raincoats are made of fluorinate-free polyurethane, also called PU. The material is 100% water-resistant and windproof, which ensures your raincoat will last for a long time.

What colors does RAINS raincoat come in?
RAINS has a wide range of colors depending on what model you choose. Black, Green, Yellow, Taupe and Blue are among the most popular.