Complete your cold-weather look with waterproof gloves and rain gloves. The collection includes waterproof mittens and is cut from signature waterproof fabric.

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Rains Gloves Gloves 01 BlackRains Gloves Gloves 01 Black



Rains Gloves Gloves 03 GreenRains Gloves Gloves 03 Green



Rains Gloves Gloves 13 GreyRains Gloves Gloves 13 Grey



Rains Alta Puffer Mittens Gloves 01 BlackRains Alta Puffer Mittens Gloves 01 Black
Rains Alta Puffer Mittens Gloves 47 NavyRains Alta Puffer Mittens Gloves 47 Navy
Rains Alta Puffer Mittens Gloves 30 PowderRains Alta Puffer Mittens Gloves 30 Powder
Rains Bator Mittens Gloves and Mittens 01 BlackRains Bator Mittens Gloves and Mittens 01 Black
Rains Bator Mittens Gloves and Mittens 03 GreenRains Bator Mittens Gloves and Mittens 03 Green

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Explore the contemporary selection of Mittens and Gloves

Water-resistant and waterproof gloves are a necessity in every winter wardrobe. At Rains we have a great variety for you to choose from.

Among our most popular items are the classic Gloves, where all fingers are separated. Gloves from Rains have neoprene on the palms, fleece inner, ribbed cuffs and a backhand cut from our signature PU coated fleece. These features make the gloves extremely durable, practical, and fashion-forward at the same time. As an extra detail, the forefingers have a touchscreen compatible fabric.

For an even warmer option, explore the range of quilted mittens. The Rains Mittens Quilted are also made of performative PU that ensures no wind or water gets inside. Furthermore, the mittens are lightly padded and have a soft front shell with neoprene on the palms. The neoprene ensures an extra firm grip. The warm insulation and elasticated wrists ensure complete warmth. Mittens do also come with touchscreen compatible forefingers.

Rains Gloves and Mittens - Enjoy the high quality

At Rains we aspire to create innovative products with a long lifetime. This means we always use the best possible materials that we can find.

Our waterproof gloves and mittens are made of polyester which is a lightweight and durable fabric that quickly dries and is easy to clean. The polyester material is then coated with a PU-coating, which is a performative, fluorinate-free coat that ensures great water resistance and windproof abilities.

Finally, the cuffs are made of nylon. Nylon is a synthetic material that is very light and breathable, while still keeping in the warmth. Nylon is completely recyclable, making it a great sustainable fabric.

Combine your Gloves and Mittens with other items from Rains

The Scandinavian design is reflected in all our collections, which makes it easy to pair your waterproof gloves or mittens with different Rains items.

Style the classical black gloves with men’s rainwear. Add them to a black men’s waterproof jacket or other outerwear in contrasting colour. No matter what you choose, it is guaranteed to pair well together.

Do the same with mittens. Try them out with women’s rainwear that comes in the same tones as the mittens. Match your mittens to your waterproof trousers for women, while having a jacket in a different tone. This will add a unique touch to your look.

Finish your outfit with a practical Tote Bag that is an everyday essential. Easy to grab on the go and use for all occasions.

How to wash waterproof gloves?

Always read the care label before washing your gloves. Cleaning waterproof gloves must be done carefully in order to avoid damaging the waterproof membrane that makes the gloves waterproof. Hand washing is always the safest method for washing waterproof items.You can clean your gloves with soapy water and a damp cloth. After washing your gloves make sure to rinse them properly and let them air dry. 

Do RAINS gloves fit true to size?

It is always important to check the specific product description’s size chart to ensure you are going to buy the correct size. Different manufacturers produce gloves in different measurements, which means you should always double check the size chart of a new product. RAINS gloves and mittens are offered in a range of sizes such as small, medium and large. Under each item you will find a size chart that will inform you of what size is suitable for you. Measure your hand from the base of your palm to the longest finger to get the length of your hand and make another measurement of the width of your hand by measuring just below your knuckles. Compare these two measurements to the ones on the size chart. If you are in between sizes, you should consider sizing up to ensure comfort.