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Men's Raincoats

Rains offers a broad range of men’s waterproof coats for everyday urban activities. Explore the full collection of raincoats for men and various raingear from Rains online and in-store.

Men’s Raincoats

You don’t need to be a fashion enthusiast to pull off a stylish look with a raincoat for men. You just need to find cool raincoats for men. Otherwise, you might end up looking like a clown. You should aim at striking a balance between your overall wardrobe and choice of raincoat to create an exquisite look. This means buying a raincoat that suits the season, understanding the fabric, and having a great color choice. However, certain fundamentals must not be ignored. Here are some style tips to help you find a sleek and stylish mens waterproof raincoat to complement your wardrobe. Define your style. There are endless options for men’s raincoats, but not all of them are suited for you. Having a style helps you figure out the right pick for your needs. You need to define your style and find a raincoat that complements it to ensure you stand out. Keep in mind that how you wear your raincoat for a casual look is different from the office look. Go for a layered look. Raincoats are worn as a layer. This means you’re wearing them over other clothing. For instance, when wearing men’s dress raincoats, you must pay attention to factors like color and weight to complement your wardrobe to achieve a head-turning look. Moreover, make sure there’s room for just about any clothing you desire to wear underneath mens waterproof raincoat like a sweatshirt or even hoodie. Choose a light, packable raincoat. A compact raincoat is a great pick if you’re thinking of staying dry when it rains but doesn’t want to walk around with a bulky coat after the torrents. You can easily stash the men’s dress raincoats back into your bag when the rains are over. Conversely, you need a heavy raincoat if you must enjoy your hiking experience. Get the right raincoat for the right season. Understanding the season is the key to getting the cool raincoats for men. You don’t want to be in a situation where there is a heavy downpour and you have a waist-length raincoat because you’ll end up soaking in water. Instead, mens waterproof raincoat will be ideal.

Get dressed in a raincoat for men

When the rain starts to pour and you find yourself being caught in the middle of it, you probably regret that you chose to go with the cotton coat instead of the rain jacket when heading out this morning. For a long time, rainwear has been associated with strictly functional outerwear, but time changes. The Danish rainwear brand, Rains, was established in 2012 based on an ambition to create novel still functional rain gear for modern people of today. Since then, the Rains product range has not stopped expanding, and new styles frequently come to live. The raincoats for men are thoughtfully constructed to suit a modern lifestyle. However, most Rains styles are unisex and therefor suit both men and women.

The Best Raincoat for Men

To find the cool raincoats for men, you need to get the right fit for your intended use. Make sure it’s not too loose to fall off or too tight to restrict movement. Although aesthetics count, there’s more to a jacket than the appearance. Make sure you check out other features that are responsible for ensuring comfort. Not only should a good raincoat be big enough to cover your body while keeping you dry but also enhance your looks. You can never run out of style options for men’s raincoats. If anything, raincoats for men offer versatility that will certainly transform your wardrobe. They are a great way of ensuring you stay comfortable even when the weather doesn’t look promising. Generally, you can wear a good raincoat all year round without having to choose between comfort and style. They are breathable, lightweight, windproof, and waterproof. You can comfortably face the unpredictable morning or afternoon weather with your raincoat and not feel too hot or too cold. Even then, you should never trade functionality with style because you just never know when to expect nature’s wrath.

How to Choose the Best Raincoats for Men

Raincoats will keep you warm and dry. But have you stopped to think about what makes cool raincoats for men? Choosing the right raincoat is the first step to maintain your fashion sense while enjoying the functionality. Here are some factors you need to consider when choosing your raincoat:
Weight and portability. A good mens waterproof raincoat should be light enough and easy to pack especially if you’ll be on the move. The combination of effective protection, lightweight and portability make sure you stay dry without having to worry about excessive weight as you can easily layer up.Wrist closures. Wrist closures are excellent ways of ensuring comfort because you can adjust them for a perfect fit. Moreover, they also come in handy in regulating heat and sweat. Armpit vents. Proper circulation of air is central for comfort when wearing raincoats for men. If you’re buying your raincoat for use during lightweight activities, you need to look out for zippered vents around the armpits because they offer excellent ventilation. This is especially great when the rains won’t let you remove your jacket as they moderate the flow of air underneath making the sweat to dry up faster. Pockets. Pockets are another important feature because you can stash here those things that you need to grab easily. The pockets need to be easily accessible and with a good length. A raincoat with fewer pockets is ideal if you need something simple. For excursions, the more the pockets the better. Size of Hood. It can be so uncomfortable having to adjust the hood of men’s dress raincoats constantly under the rain. A well-fitting hood means more comfort and better protection. Go for a hood that comes with toggles that allow you to secure it in place. Laminated zippers and taped seams. Laminated zippers and taped seams keep the rainwater out. Laminated zippers are covered at the top using a zipper garage/hut so that they are not exposed. Most raincoats have taped seams but not laminated zippers.

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