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Introducing: Rains Virtual Reality.

The new VR concept enables a full VR experience from one’s own device. Step into the virtual universe, zoom into details, change positions or cut in from any angle without interfering. To participate, utilize a laptop, smartphone or a tablet.

Sit front row at the AW20 Runway Show

Experience the new Rains Virtual Reality with the first stop at the AW20 Runway Show. The 360° VR experience grants backstage access, a front row ticket, and an up-close-and-personal view to the cast and crew.

Instructions go as follows (smartphone and tablet):

  1. On a mobile device, go to or the YouTube app
  2. In the search box, type: Rains VR AW20 Runway or click this link.
  3. Select video and press play
  4. Turn the screen horizontally
  5. Tap the glasses icon placed in the bottom right-hand corner – the screen will split into two smaller screens
  6. Press play to view the video in VR180 or 360 degrees

Get the full VR experience in-store.

To get the full experience of Rains Virtual Reality, visit Rains Store Aarhus. A custom-designed VR-viewing room with VR glasses allows for an intensified, face-to-face experience.

More cities to come.

Visit us for the full VR experience


Rains Store Aarhus
Klostertorvet 6
8000 Aarhus C

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