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Black Rain Jackets & Raincoats

The black rain jacket from Rains is a true go-to on rainy days. Besides the black raincoat, Rains offers a broad range of novel backpacks, small waterproof goods and much more raingear.

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Black rain jackets for the adventurous ones

It is pouring rain outside and it does not seem to pause in the near future. But why not make the best of it instead of just waiting for the sun to come out? Pouring rain is the perfect excuse for binge-watching an entire season of some series or for reading the book that you have never been able to finish before you forgot how it began. On the other hand, why not suit up in an black rain jacket and explore what the world looks like when it is soaking wet and the streets are completely abandoned as everyone else is hiding from the rain maybe bing-watching that series. On rainy days, Rains got you covered.

Black raincoats from Rains

Since 2012, Rains has been providing modern men and women with fashionable yet functional rainwear and various waterproof goods in a broad variation of colors. Rainwear has often been associated with outdoor activities that require practical outerwear. But then Rains came into the picture. The company rethinks the traditional rubber raincoat and creates functional items with a strong styling potential. The product range includes durable backpacks, black raincoats and smaller waterproof goods as caps, bum bags and laptop sleeves. The product range is always evolving, and as old styles expire new styles come to life. Rains’ black rain jacket is not simply a practical piece of outerwear – it is an essential go-to on gloomy days.

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