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Women's Rain Jackets with Hood

Made for urban activities, the women’s raincoat with hood is an essential go-to when commuting to work or taking a leisurely neighborhood stroll on a rainy day.

Women’s raincoat with hood

It is the easiest thing to let the rain ruin one’s plans for the day. However, wet weather is not to be stopped anyways, so why even bother trying. Instead of being annoyed by the fact that it keeps raining, then settle with it and prepare with a rain appropriate outfit that is functional and stylish all at the same time. The Danish rainwear brand, Rains, offers a broad selection of men and women’s raincoats with hood for urban activities. When commuting to work or strolling the streets of the city on a rainy day, get dressed in a rain jacket and pack up all essentials in a waterproof bag thoughtfully made to endure the wet elements. Rains is all about creating contemporary still functional rain gear for modern men and women.

Women’s rain jacket with hood from Rains

Back in 2012, Rains was founded on an ambition to rethink the traditional and strictly functional rubber raincoat in a more contemporary way. It all began with a modest range of just three unisex rain jackets along with three bags. The product range has since then been expanded by several new styles and colorways. Today, the Rains collection holds a broad selection of men and women’s rain jackets, backpacks and small waterproof goods available in both bright colors and neutral tones. Thoughtfully composed to withstand the wet elements, the women’s raincoat with hood is an essential outerwear piece for when it rains. Do not let a little rain ruin the day. Instead, prepare for those gloomy days by exploring the full Rains collection online and in-store.


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