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RAINS Pencil Case

Most people probably need a case or some other practical measure to keep track of their pencil, pens, pencil sharpeners and other small items. A pencil case from RAINS is a practical choice, as most of them are single-compartment models, and their surface is waterproof/water-repellent.

A good assortment of waterproof pencil cases

Whether a pencil case is waterproof or not is stated on each product page, but as a general guideline, all RAINS pencil cases are waterproof, as they are often made of waterproof PU fabric.

It is better to have a waterproof pencil case and maybe not even subject it to water than to not have one and then have the contents as well as the case soaked. A waterproof pencil case is a good choice as the waterproofing is a bonus, which you might not need, but is good to have in case you get caught in the rain.

To choose a regular or a mini pencil case

RAINS offers two different case sizes, and that include the regular ones and the minis. The minis measure H1.8 x W7.9 x D2.6 inches, and the regular models measure H3.1 x W8.3 x D3.1 inches.

If there is only a need for a small case for a pencil and a few pens, then a mini model is a good choice. That saves room in your bag as well. If the contents are to include pens and pencils as well as markers, pencil sharpeners and other items, then a regular size is probably a good choice.

The cases come in black, green, gray, and beige.

Special features of the material

As the pencil cases are made of RAINS' signature waterproof PU fabric (unless stated otherwise), various qualities can be expected, and that include strength, durability, and a smooth surface that is nice to touch.