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Liner Vest

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Style No.

Liner Vest has been created to extend the use of Rains Essential outerwear as temperatures begin to drop. Liner Vest is a non-waterproof item under Rains’ Layers category, designed to be attached to Rains’ Essential outerwear. Unique to Rains Liners, is a rubber strap on the backside of the vest, designed to connect to Rains Essential outerwear via a snap-in button. For additional warmth, Liner Vest features horizontal quilting with a polyester filling.

  • 100% rib-stop polyester
  • Casual, unisex fit
  • 80-gram 100% polyester filling
  • Horizontal quilting
  • Curved neckline
  • Square chest-pocket
  • Rubber back-strap with snap-button closure
  • Zipper closure
Style Measurements
Chest 38.6 40.9 43.3 45.7 48.8
Bottom 38.6 40.9 43.3 45.7 48.8
Shoulder to shoulder 17.5 18.1 18.7 19.3 20.1
Length 25.2 26 26.8 27.6 28.3

Measurements in inch

Rains Liner Vest Layers 01 Black
Rains Liner Vest Layers 01 Black
Rains Liner Vest Layers 01 Black

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