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September 15, 2017

Dining With Copenhagen’s Art Life

Words: Thea Brissing Sørensen
Photos: Nikolaj Thaning

In April 2017 Danish based entrepreneur Frederik Bille Brahe opened a new bar and dining place called Apollo. The bar and dining place is a perfect break from the hectic city as it is located adjacent to the quiet courtyard at Charlottenborg Art Gallery in Copenhagen. Charlottenborg Art Gallery is located nearby vivacious Nyhavn and is a part of an old castle from the 1670's that besides Apollo today houses exhibitions and art education.

Apollo serves breakfast and dinner as well as cocktails and coffee, and at daytime Apollo functions as a canteen that supplies students from the art academy with nutritious yet affordable lunch. But Apollo’s doors are open for the public as well to enjoy a drink or grab a bite to eat in the sunlight in the adjacent courtyard or at the inside of Apollo’s aesthetic setting. From Thursday to Saturday Apollo furthermore functions as an evening restaurant and as a place guests can visit to expand their culinary horizons. The square courtyard that houses Apollo is framed by Charlottenborg Art Gallery’s red brick walls that are partly covered with natural green plants, which create an idyllic and relaxing setting that represents a perfect respite from the bustling capital of Copenhagen. 

The location of Apollo’s artistic surroundings is a perfect match for the chef and creative creator, Frederik Bille Brahe, who sees the combination of creating dining experiences with intimacy and atmosphere as art in itself. Inside Apollo the setting is just as relaxing and artistic as in the courtyard outside. Apollo is decorated with grey walls and dark blue furnitures combined with antique statues, fresh colorful flowers and rustic wooden and marble tables. A herringbone parquet is covering the floor, and the room is spacious with high ceilings and large windows that invite plenty of natural daylight into the restaurant.

Apollo’s artistic decoration and its location in the old castle of Charlottenborg creates the perfect setting for a unique and consistent dining experience. Brahe’s approach to dining experience as art is expressed in his dishes which are just as rustic and decorative as the setting of Apollo – but without getting too fancy and over-decorated. The dishes are made by high-quality ingredients based on current season and are decorated with a clean and simple yet sophisticated touch. Brahe is transforming dining experience into art in a simple and rustic but aesthetic way. Frederik Bille Brahe is a well-known personality in the culinary scenery in Copenhagen, and his personality shines through as he stands behind the bar with his bucket hat placed on top of his long curly hair. Brahe is not a new face in the industry; Before Apollo first saw daylight in 2017 he was the entrepreneur behind the highly popular Atelier September on Gothersgade in Copenhagen and the former restaurant Havfruen in Nyhavn. Through-out his restaurants Frederik Bille Brahe focus is all about creating experiences centered around food. While some just serve food to satiate people, Brahe aims to connect and collect people through his work. Food is not just a vital necessity, it also functions as a key ingredient in everyday social life.

With Apollo Frederik Bille Brahe strove to create something new and alternative. With a combined canteen, restaurant and bar in the artistic settings he wanted to create a re-laxing and social place that appealed to a wide variety of people. Apollo offers simple yet tasteful food combined with art in Charlottenborgs historic buildings – a true oasis in the very heart of the bustling city of Copenhagen.

Visit Apollo at: Kunsthal Charlottenborg, Nyhavn 2, 1051 Copenhagen, Denmark

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