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Rains Journal – Issue Eight: Space 10

October 24, 2016

The Future of Urban Living

Words: Sylvester Dunvad
Photos: Alastair Philip Wiper

Create a better IKEA. And a better world while you are at it. That was the initial task given to Carla Camilla Hjort, founder of Rebel Agency and ArtRebels, when she was called up on the phone by Torbjörn Lööf, CEO and owner of the IKEA concept and franchise. 12 months later, the answer to that task proudly graced the streets of Copenhagen’s meatpacking district, as Space10 opened its doors for all driven creatives to show off their solutions to the worlds problems big and small.

"Space 10 investigates the future of urban living by detecting major challenges set to impact people on a global scale…" So reads the intro to Space 10’s magna carta, which very much gets straight to the point and very much sets the grand scale of tasks to tackle in the beautifully designed venue found on the corner between Copenhagen’s two streets Høkerboderne and Flæsketorvet. The world is certainly not short on ‘… major challenges set to impact people on a global scale…’, which is exactly why the passionate souls behind Space 10 invites only brave and creative people to answer these challenges one by one.

One of these challenges is the ever increasing urbanisation and the health threats it creates and magnifies. Space 10 aimed to tackle this specific challenge by briefing 6 teams from the Copenhagen Institute of Interactive Design and IKEA to have them create 6 different prototypes with their own unique take on the problem. Cloud Burst, a smart faucet, was one of the products spawned by this. 

Its main goal is to gently remind users when they have used more water in the shower than they originally intended. It does so by the user setting a predetermined shower length out of the options ‘eco’, ‘short’, or ‘high’. Sensors then intelligently monitor the water flow, and instead of cutting off the flow when the allocated amount is used, the faucet instead gently starts to glow to remind the user, that their time is up in a subtle and nonintrusive way.

Another simple, but rather important challenge, is the lacking transparency of what goes into our food and bodies. The ingredient scheme on the back of most food labelling seems like a foreign language to most, and the only true way of knowing what is in the food we eat, is by spending loads of time making it ourselves. Space 10 and I’m a KOMBO (consisting of Bo Lindegaard and Lasse Askov) set out to make it as easy as possible to create healthy, delicious and transparent food, by introducing the SPACE BAR. The SPACE BAR is a somewhat genius solution, that lets anyone pick out almost any imaginable seeds, herbs and toppings and press them into the shape of a normal snack bar in an instant. Healthy snacking has rarely been easier.

IKEA proudly sponsors all these projects, and in return, the creations of Space 10 often make their way into IKEA-stores in one way or the other. For instance, the SPACE BAR-concept is destined for a test run in the Space 10 venue, before its decided whether or not it will be implemented in IKEA’s food courts all over the world. And so it goes for most of the wild ideas and creative solutions. They all get their time in the Space 10 venue’s spotlight, and hopefully they will all help create a better world for the forthcoming generation – and the one after that.

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