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Rains Journal Issue Seven - Skylodge

April 01, 2016

 An Elevated Hotel Experience

Story: Sylvester Dunvad
Photographers: Skylodge Adventure Suites

We live in a day and age, that constantly requires us to live life in an ever increasing pace. A day and age, that makes it somewhat common to envy the freedom of a bird. The freedom of flying whenever and wherever. Of nesting with a view over the sun gazing in the west, sleeping under a sky painted with uncountable numbers of stars. Now that envy might be a thing of the past. Because ever since a group of young entrepreneurs laid the groundwork for “Skylodge” in 2013, the birds nest became a thing of the dark ages.

Located in the southern parts of Peru lies the old capital of the Inca-empire, Cuzco. And much like the ancient Inca-population, the current citizens are breaking the boundaries of architectural possibilities. Have a look at one of the many mountain-sides of the Sacred Valley of Peru, and you will find a small cluster of pill-shaped glass-constructions. Here lies what has been described as “the 1000-starred hotel”.

And what a fitting description that is. Each of the free-hanging skylodges consists of a totally transparent glass-enclosed room with just the essentials for having the sleep-over of your life. Every skylodge comes complete with four beds, a dining area and a private bathroom. Nothing extravagant, but at the same time, more than enough. Necessities are somewhat limited, when you are hanging 400 meters above the surface of the earth. Things have a tendency of sliding into perspective, when falling asleep to the look of a starry night – when experiencing something truly out of the ordinary.

To get to your “hotel room” is no ordinary journey either. Do not expect any kind of hatwearing chauffeur handling your luggage and giving you a lift. In order to get to your 1000-starred room, one has to make the 400-meter-high climb up the mountain side. That, of course, is excluding the horizontal stretches of balancing from mountain-point A to mountain-point B.

After having enjoyed the night in company of only the starry night, look forward to enjoying breakfast with a view better than any seaside-café can offer. After that it's time to go downhill. The easiest and fastest way down the mountainside is with the nearby zipline, which undoubtedly makes for some of the most efficient travelling mankind will ever accomplish. Survive that, and you will successfully have survived one of this worlds most amazing experiences.

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