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Rains Journal Issue Seven - CINQFRUITS

March 15, 2016

Cinqfruits (5 Fruits) is the art study and inspiration landfill of Le Creative Sweatshop, a multidisciplinary studio based in Paris, France. Founded in 2009 by Mathieu Missiaen and Julien Morin, the creative agency was later joined by Stéphane Perrier, Tiffany Chen and Ronan Brun. Working with international brands like Nike, Hermés and Cartier and magazines such as Interview, Spleen and Novembre, Le Creative Sweatshop strives to involve themselves in a variety of domains ranging from fashion and music to art and literature. In the majority of the imagery art created by Le Creative Sweatshop, their main focus is to provoke randomness which is also evident when taking a closer look at the featured images. The abstract way of working is showcased in the depth of how their art is build and the random equations creates a certain authenticity in every line of work. The playful game, experimenting with the uncertainty of reflection combined with the clarity and transparency you discover new details and get new impressions with every look. In their study, Le Creative Sweatshop uses random everyday items, such as PVC, wood, concrete, light and jelly. The compositions are always on point, whether they’re showing the beauty and simplicity of the image or the lengths they went to craft them. A lot of their work is powered by liquids and transparency in general, which expose surprising elements and offers the ability to work on the unseen and the abstract in an almost scientific matter.

Words: Philip Lotko & Rickey Lindberg
Photos: Le Creative Sweatshop

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